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Heart disease may begin in the WOMB

Heart disease may begin in the WOMB: The children of pregnant women with pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes or a smoking habit are more at risk of the condition in later life Adults who had low oxygen exposure in the womb are more at risk Show red signs for heart disease, such as high blood pressure or… Read More »

Does Wellness Begin in the Bedroom?

ImageAn advertisement for Hers birth control pills. Last year, the subway stations of New York and the feeds of Instagram were plastered with cheeky ads with slumped cactuses that offered a tantalizing proposition. They promoted a new service offering guys — young, yuk-yuk millennial guys — solutions to the kind of problems it’s easier to… Read More »

Algorithms begin to show practical use in diagnostic imaging

Algorithms based on machine learning and deep learning, intended for use in diagnostic imaging, are moving into the commercial pipeline. However, providers will have to overcome multiple challenges to incorporate these tools into daily clinical workflows in radiology. There now are numerous algorithms in various stages of development and in the FDA approval process, and… Read More »