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How to understand the risk of a bacon sandwich giving you bowel cancer

What’s the relative risk of eating that bacon sandwich?Mint Photography/Stockimo/Alamy By Marianne Freiberger and Rachel Thomas This article was originally published in February 2011 and was updated with a new headline and image on 17 April 2019. Is there anything that has not been claimed to cause cancer? In the past few years, we have… Read More »

Giving Patients a Voice in Their Mental Health Care Before They’re Too Ill to Have a Say

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Steve Singer, who has bipolar and borderline personality disorders, knows when he’s on the verge of a mental health crisis. The female voice he hears incessantly in his head suddenly shuts up, and the hula hoop he gyrates while walking to the grocery store stops easing his anxieties. That’s when he gets… Read More »

Giving babies and toddlers antibiotics can increase the risk of obesity

Antibiotics can be lifesaving, but they can have serious downsides — including increasing the risk of obesity when they are given early in life, according to a recent study. Antibiotics kill bacteria. That can be a very good thing when the bacteria are causing a serious infection. But antibiotics don’t limit themselves to killing infection-causing… Read More »