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More opioids, more pain: Fueling the fire

For more than a century, clinicians have noticed a paradoxical phenomenon: certain patients who are taking opioids (which are supposed to numb pain) become more sensitive to pain than those who are not taking opioids. The earliest observation of this phenomenon can be traced back to the British physician Sir Clifford Allbutt, who, in 1870,… Read More »

Heatwave health warning, babies eating too much sugar, cervical cancer decline, eczema & more

Have you missed the latest health news this week? There has been a lot happening and we’ve summarised it all for you here. Have a lovely weekend and make sure you stay safe in the sun. Met office issues health warning over Saharan Heatwave MET Office forecasters have issued a danger to life warning as a… Read More »

Tripod Prosthetic Foot for More Stability on Rough Terrain

Researchers at Stanford have developed an unusual tripod-like prosthetic foot equipped with sensors to monitor movement and the surrounding environment. The device provides more stability for users when walking on rough terrain. The research team designed the prototype device using a prosthetic emulation system that allowed them to rapidly modify and optimize their designs, without… Read More »