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Pharmacy owner whose drugs led to doped racehorses admits to peddling unsafe equine drugs – Dallas News

The positive drug tests on four horses at Ruidoso Downs in New Mexico in July 2013 were blamed on a compounded paste called Tourniquet made by the Landers’ Weatherford pharmacy. A veterinarian testified that he administered it to the horses to try to prevent exercise-related bleeding, a common condition in racehorses. Ray Paulick, a journalist… Read More »

Medical News Today: Pro-obesity environment and genes could explain big rise in body weight

Some people are more likely to put on weight than others because of their genes. However, genetic difference does not explain the significant rise in body weight since the 1960s as it has affected both those with and without pro-obesity genes. New research suggests that the rise in bodyweight since the 1960s could be down… Read More »