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President Trump Is Officially Obese, According to His Latest Physical Exam

Getty ImagesChip Somodevilla Donald Trump’s physical exam results are in. He’s 6’3″, weighs 243 pounds, and has a BMI of 30.4. He gained 4 pounds since last year and increased his dose of cholesterol medication. The president’s BMI classifies him as clinically obese. The results are in: Donald Trump is in “very good health overall,”… Read More »

Patch with Non-Toxic Battery Monitors ECG, Blood Oxygen, Physical Activity

At CES 2019, imec, a Belgian organization, and the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research, presented their latest vitals monitoring patch. The disposable device has a monitoring lifetime of over a week, but since the battery is made of non-toxic materials there’s not a big environmental impact. The device has a basic ECG built-in, can… Read More »

Medical News Today: Bipolar: Physical activity may boost mood and energy

New research, published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, found that higher levels of physical activity boost mood and energy levels. The benefits were particularly noticeable in people with bipolar disorder. Being physically active might help people with bipolar disorder fight off depressive symptoms. In the United States, almost 3 percent of adults experienced bipolar disorder… Read More »