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These ‘Stranger Things 3’ Theories Will Change What You Think About “The American”

[Warning: spoilers for Stranger Things season three, ahead] We all need a little happy Hopper right now, k? Giphy I bet you think you’re so smart after finishing season three of Stranger Things this weekend…Okay, let’s be real, you binged it all last weekend and now you’re on re-watch number three….Four? Dang. Anyways, at the… Read More »

Ashtanga Yoga Myths: 6 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About The Most Intense Yoga Style

In an age, when fitness is all about slowing down, people tend to associate ashtanga yoga with fast and challenging. You must have heard of the gruelling six-day-a-week practise or witnessed pretzel-like postures. Yes, ashtanga is an intense practice and tends to attract people to say the least, but not everything you have seen or… Read More »