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This former Apple engineer has analyzed the microbes in his body 600 times — here's what he learned

Most of us would find it off-putting to imagine that there are many trillions of bacteria, viruses and fungi living in our body, invisible to the naked eye. But Richard Sprague, a Seattle-based software engineer, has dedicated years of his life — and tested himself hundreds of times — to unravel their mysteries.

Try this: Prawn sushi cake

This dish makes an impressive centrepiece for a selection of different types of sushi – it does contain a lot of rice, so is best cut into thin slices. Ingredients for 16 Rice Vinegar Marinade Method Notes: Nori is dried seaweed; it’s usually sold toasted (yaki-nori) in packs of 10 sheets in Asian grocery stores… Read More »

This Turks and Caicos Resort May Be the Most Instagrammable Place on Earth

I’m not great at Instagram. Don’t try to console me—it’s fine. I have come to accept this about myself. I’ll never curate the manicured, coordinated grid that influencers have and their minion followers drool over. My captions are never clever enough to elicit multiple crying emojis. No one ever comments, “literal goals!!!” on my posts,… Read More »